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How To Select The Most Suitable Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

How to Select the Most Suitable Hairstyles For Your Face Shape ( Make Your Confidence Soar )


As we all know, A woman's style is not just determined by her clothes; it also depends on her hairstyle. If you want to have a stunning look, it is very important for you to determine your face shape. If you're looking to buy wigs online, it's hard to know which style flatters you most. Everyone is unique from the inside out. Wigs can help you create an entirely new look for yourself, so you can choose something different from your usual style, or wear the different hair textures to see if they suit you or your natural hair color before making a final decision at the hairdresser.

When wearing a wig, will give you confidence because you're able to express yourself through your hairstyles to enhance your natural features. In this blog, We will tell you how to figure out your face shape and how to select the most suitable hairstyles for your face shape

How To Figure Out Your Facial Shape?

Usually, the face shape can be divided into six different parts: oval, round, square, oblong, diamond, and heart shapes. Knowing your face shape helps you determine which wig styles will look best on you. There are two steps you have to follow to help you figure out your face shape.

Step 1:Measure The Key Distances Of Your Face

How To Figure Out Your Facial Shape


In order to get a more accurate measurement, you have to pull away your natural hair from your face ,and then you can use a tape measure to measure the following 4 key areas:

1. Forehead width: Measure the distance from one eyebrow peak to another.

2. Cheekbone width: Measure from the right side of your face to the left side of your face at the point where the cheekbone meets the chin.

3. Jawline width: Measure from the bottom of your chin down to the corner of your jaw bone, just below your ear. Double that number to get an accurate jawline measurement

4. Face Length: Measure from the top center of your hairline to the bottom tip of your chin.


Step 2: You Can Determine Your Facial Shape According To The Following Information.

Since you've already measured the four key facial measurements, so now you can use them to judge your face shape.

Oval Face Shape: The length of the face is longer than the width .and the jawline is slightly narrower than the hairline.


Oval Face Shape


Square Face Shape: Strong, angled jawline. Forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are the same width.


Square Face Shape


Heart Face Shape: The hairline is the widest part of the face.Narrow chin and prominent cheekbones.


Heart Face Shape


Round Face Shape: Width and length are the same. Also knowns as a "baby face".


Round Face Shape

Oblong Face Shape: Similar to an oval face with a longer chin.


Oblong Face Shape


Diamond Face Shape: Forehead and jawline are the same widths. Cheekbones are the widest part of the face.


Diamond Face Shape


How To Select The Right Hairstyles For Your Face?

You've probably already figured out your face shape by using the methods I describe here. It's important to know your facial features so you can choose suitable flattering style wigs. Now let me tell you about some good Long Straight Wig for you in terms of your face type.
How To Select The Most Suitable Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

Hairstyles For Oval Faces

If you have an oval-shaped face, you're probably pretty lucky and this is the ideal face shape for a woman. Oval shape faces can be made to look good in a wide range of styles.

If you want a hairstyle with an impact, you might want to opt for either a long hair type or a cute, shorter hair type. Oval-faced ladies who prefer short haircuts tend to look especially chic when they wear a blunt bangs(Avoid Heavy Bangs) bob wig with long, side swept bangs or a lob haircut with subtle layering.

If you want long hair, choose minimal layers or style them in soft waves or curls. You can also use the natural pattern of your hair to help guide you when choosing your hairstyle.

Hairstyles For Square Faces Or Rectangle Face Shape

Square-shaped faces usually have a broad forehead, wide cheekbones, and a strong angular jawline. They often have a narrower chin. If you have a square shape face (strong jawline, high cheekbones), then choosing a perfect haircut that softens these features will be important for a flattering look.

To complement your bone structure, consider having a side part and avoid straight styles and angular hairstyles that end at the sharp jawline. It will help to even out the symmetrical shape of your face. Lots of Layers can also be flattering and can hide the sharp angles of your features.

If you want a shorter haircut, think about going for a short,  soft layers bob instead. But, keep in mind to add bangs(Avoid Straight Bangs or wispy bangs) that sweep across your face from one ear to the other, which will highlight your cheekbones rather than your jawline.

Hairstyles For Heart Faces

If you have a heart-shaped face contour, then your bone structure will be characterized by a wide forehead and high angular cheekbones with a narrower jawline and chin like an inverted triangle. As such, you should balance your strong features with a haircut that reduces the width of your brows and widens the lower half of your features to have a wide jawline look.

For example, if you want to hide your wider forehead, a long straight haircut will draw attention away from the top of your head to the bottom of your face. You can also pair this cut with wavy hair(wavy styles) or curly hair styles starting below the ears to even out your angled face.

A short pixie haircut with textured ends and subtle layers(Avoid choppy layers) can look beautiful on a heart face shape too, as can a bob or lob haircut. These haircuts will give you fuller volume at the back of your head for people with heart-shaped.

Hairstyles For Round Faces

Round faces tend to be similar in shape and size to width and length. They also often have prominent, round cheekbones. Round face shapes benefit from hairstyle choices that give them added definition and volume.

Long face-framing layers straight hair and choppy pixie haircuts often appear most attractive. For a layered haircut, go for long straight hair, and staggered layers starting from the jawline. If you'd like, you can also add a shorter side fringe that ends just above your eyes to create an illusion of length.

If you're wondering whether to go for a bob, a single-layer cut, or a shorter haircut, consider avoiding bobs and single-layer haircuts, which can balloon out around your head, and full curls because they can add bulkiness to your look.

Hairstyles For Oblong Face Shape

People with oval faces tend to have longer facial structures with a rounder forehead and narrower chin. This shape is different from an oval face form as a person with an elongated face will certainly have a narrow bone structure.

If you have an oblong-shaped facial contour, you might want to avoid sleek hairstyle choices that will further lengthen the look and break the straight lines of your face.

Layers with medium-length hair will look good on those with oblong faces because they can widen their appearance. Thick bangs and hairstyles longer than chin-long lengths flatten out this face shape.

Hairstyles For Diamond Faces

A diamond-shaped face is an angular face shape that has a narrow forehead and jawline with cheekbones at their widest points. Diamond-shaped women should soften their pointy chin to reduce the look of a triangle-shaped face and even out their wider cheekbones for a most flattering appearance.

To achieve a softer appearance, wear a medium or long layered haircut with wavy or curly layers and a deep side part for a casual perfect style.

For widening the appearance of your jawline, however, a chin-length bob works best. Also, remember to try a pulled-back ponytail to widen the appearance of your forehead without making your face too wide.

Embracing Your Hairstyles

Now, You might find that your face shape doesn't match up exactly with any particular facial type. It's ok! It is very common for people to have common face shapes that have combinations of different face shapes. Your face shapes can help you choose hair colors, wig colors, and human hair wigs that look good on you, but they're not strict rules you must follow.  Above all, It’s most important to choose a flattering hairstyle that feels natural and comfortable for you.Get More Information

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