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How to Cut Lace on Lace Front Wig to Create a Natural Look ( Easy 6-Steps Guide )

Lace front human hair wigs are the perfect protective styles for giving yourself a natural look and realistic hairline. The Swiss lace is designed so that it blends in with your skin tone and hair color, making it virtually invisible. And since the sheer lace is made up of tiny holes, it allows the air to flow through the unit and keeps your scalp warm.

Frontal wigs are an easy way to prepare your unit for installation. With just a few easy steps and a couple of simple tools, you can customize your wig hair to blend in perfectly with your real hair and hairline. 


Why Should You Cut The Lace? 

Cutting the lace can give you an actual natural hairline, which can help enhance your looks.

How To Cut The Lace On Lace Frontal Wig To Get A Natural Hairline? 

Make sure you have the following tools before you cut your lace of a wig.
  •  A Measuring tape
  •  Large wig clips or wig grip
  •  Rattail comb
  •  Sharp scissors, eyebrow shaping tool, or razor
  •  Mannequin head 
  •  Foamable mousse or water
  •  White makeup pencil
  •  Double-sided tape

So How To Cut A Lace Frontal Wig As A New Starter?

Here are the steps for how to trim lace on the lace front wig and avoid common mistakes to forge a realistic natural-looking hairline.

Step 1: Pluck Before You Cut The Lace

Before we get into details about cutting the lace of a wig, let's talk about plucking and wig customizing. Why do you pluck wigs? Because some quality hair products tend to be very straight and have a very straight hairline that looks unnatural, it just depends on what type of wig you buy. Using a plucking tool (wig brush) to remove baby hair (strands of hair) from your lace wig creates a natural appearance that mimics your real hairline.

Step 2: Prepare Your Natural Hair For The Wig By Putting On A Wig Cap.

If you want to wear a wig of human hair, braid your hair wrap hair in cornrows ,or use a brush or wide-toothed comb to create a neat avoid loose hair, even shape for the wig to sit on. Next, put a wig cap on top of your own hair to prevent any further damage to your hair and wig base or sensitive skin.

After all, the base can rub against thinner hair strands around your head which can cause hair loss or hair breakage.

Step 3: Place And Adjust The Wig To Fit Your Head Or Mannequin Head


Put the lace frontal hair on top of your head or wig head and adjust the adjustable strap (elastic band) at the back of the wig until it fits perfectly. Then stand in front of a mirror, and see if you look good. To ensure that the wig hairline is positioned in front of your own entire hairline by a couple of inches in a vertical position, make sure the hairline of the wig starts just below your hairline. If you don't think it looks good, adjust the strap again.

Step 4: Map Out Your Hairline

Utilizing a white make-up pencil, trace the hairline from your left ear to your right ear. It just takes drawing a line on your face in the shape of your eyebrows. Leave at least a quarter-inch of hair between the traced line and your hairline. If necessary, comb the hair backward and use a bobby pin to keep them out of the way. If your hair feels too heavy for the style, use a little styling mousse to help keep it in place.

If you'll be using a mannequin head, put the wig all the way on, secure it to your head, and draw the line on top of the lace a quarter-inch in front of your own hairline. That way, when you put the wig on your wig head (mannequin head) to cut the lace strip, you can make use of the line on the lace as your mark

Step 5: Cut Off the Ear Tabs


Use the pointy tip of a comb or other grooming tool to part the hair right above your ear and clip it back with some clips, leaving the wig over the ear slightly open.

Next, cut out a piece of lace that matches the size of your ear. Then, use a pair of scissors to carefully trim around the shape of your ears so that the hair lays flat when you install it.

Step 6: Cut The Extra Lace Off

Make sure you follow these steps when trimming the additional lace off.

Choose a tool that feels comfortable to use. You can use any kind of scissors, including hair-cutting shears; an eyebrow razor. Make sure that your tool is well-sharpened. If it doesn't, it won't be able to cut through the lace properly, and could even cause damage to it.

To prevent cutting off too much lace, hold the lace taut as it comes out of the fabric. Make small cuts at the lace hairline where you've created dots on the lace so that they're easier to cut and prevent snags or overly jaggy edges.

When cutting out shapes, don't make straight line cuts, as they may appear less natural. Make certain you don't trim the flexible strap near the ear tab or the building cap of the wig.

Tips About How To Cut The Lace On Frontal Lace Wig

Here are some tips that you may follow when you remove the excess lace from the lace front or lace closure wigs.

   1. Slide the thin hair clip vertically at the center of the front edge of the wig to mark the position. The lace should be evenly parted on both sides of the clip.

   2. To prevent stray hairs from being cut, use two large clips to hold the hair on either side of the center-marking clip back.

   3. Cut away the lace around the front and sides using long pair of scissors strokes so that you don't get any jagged edges. Cutting off too much lace will ruin the wig. So, it's best to cut away small portions rather than cut off all of them at once.

   4. Cut the lace back from the beginning of the hairline in the frontal part. It should be cut off at the hairline because the lace on the forehead would be more noticeable. Pull the lace of your wig tight with your fingers so that you get even and smooth cuts.

   5. Trim the sides (or back) of the deep invisible part of the wig. You need to cut the additional lace all the way back on both sides since this part is less visible than the forehead area.

   6. Check the trimming of the lace to ensure that there aren't any jagged edges. Make sure that the wig's lace is cut evenly to avoid damaging the lace base, especially around the forehead.


We hope you’ve found a proper way to cut the lace on front lace wig, and also got some ideas when you get a new frontal wig. Enjoy your natural look frontal wig ! Get More Info

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