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Choosing the Perfect Short Bob Wig for Your Face Shape

Complete Guide: Choosing the Perfect Short Bob Wig for Your Face Shape

In the world of hairstyling, short bob wigs have become increasingly popular for black women in the fashion and beauty industry due to their versatility and chic appearance. Whether you want to experiment with a new look or simply enhance your existing wig styles, finding the perfect short bob wig that complements your face shape is key. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the art of choosing the ideal short bob wig for your unique facial features and style preferences. So, let's dive in!

Understanding the Short Bob Wig

1. Chic Simplicity

Short bob wigs offer a chic and simple hairstyle that's easy to maintain and style. They provide an instant boost of sophistication and elegance, making them a go-to choice for those who appreciate timeless beauty.

2. Versatile Styling

Despite their shorter length, bob styles are incredibly versatile. You can play with different textures, add curls or waves, or maintain a sleek, straight style. The versatility allows you to adapt your human hair wigs to various occasions and styles.

3. Comfort and Wearability

Short bob wigs are lightweight and comfortable to wear, making them an excellent choice for all-day use. Their breathable design ensures you stay comfortable even in warm weather.

Identifying Your Face Shape

Now, let's explore the various facial shapes, your face will match closely to one of six basic shapes, and how they can influence the choice of a short bob wig:

1. Round Face Shape

Characteristics: A round face shape typically has soft, rounded jawlines with the width and length nearly equal. The chin and prominent cheekbones are the widest parts of the face.

round face shape

2. Oval Face Shape

Characteristics: The oval face is often considered the ideal shape. It's slightly longer than it is wide, with balanced proportions and a gently rounded forehead and chin.

Oval Face Shape

3. Square Face Shape

Characteristics: Square faces have strong wider jawlines, angular features with a defined angular jawline, and a forehead that's similar in width to the jawline.

Square Face Shape

4. Heart Face Shape

Characteristics: It has a wider forehead and prominent cheekbones, tapering down to a narrower chin.

Heart Face Shape

5. Diamond Face Shape

Characteristics: Diamond-shaped faces feature high cheekbones and a narrow forehead and chin.

Diamond Face Shape

6. Oblong Face Shape

Characteristics: Oblong faces are longer than they are wide, with a straighter cheekbone and jawline.

Oblong Face Shape

Matching Your Face Shape with the Perfect Short Bob Wig

Now that we have identified the different common face shapes, let's explore how to choose the ideal bob wig styles based on your unique features.

best hairstyle for different face shape

1. Oval Face Shape: 

For an oval face shape, you're in luck! You have a well-balanced shape.Oval faces tend to be versatile and can pull off a variety of hairstyles, including short bob wigs. Here are some ideas you can consider:

Classic Bob: A chin-length bob with blunt ends can enhance your natural features and highlight the symmetry of your oval face shape.

blunt cut bob with bangs

Angled Bob: An angled bob, where the hair is shorter in the back and gradually gets longer towards the front, can add some dimension and soften your facial angles.

Textured Bob: Consider a textured bob with layers or choppy ends to add movement and create a trendy, edgy look that complements your face shape.

2.  Round Face Shape: 

To enhance the natural features of a round face, Opt for short bob wigs with lots of layers,side-swept bangs, and added volume at the crown to create the illusion of a longer face. Angled bobs or wig with layers are excellent choices.

3.  Square Face Shape: 

Soften the strong jawline and sharp angles of a square facial structure with short bob wigs that have wispy,face-framing layers, and textured layers. Consider side-swept bangs or asymmetrical bobs.

Deep Wave Curly Bob Wig

4.  Heart Face Shape: 

Choose short bob wigs that widen towards the narrow chin to soften the wide forehead and balance a heart-shaped face. Side-parted bobs, bob wigs with volume, bobs with inward-facing layers pixie cuts, or chin-length wigs work beautifully.

Water Wave Glueless Bob Wig

5.  Diamond Face Shape: 

Opt for short bob wigs that emphasize your cheekbones while softening the jawline. Textured bobs, soft waves, or wigs with layers or with side-swept bangs are great options. Don't make excessive volume on both sides of the face,  as it can make wide cheekbones even more prominent.

Short Brown Curly Wig

6. Oblong Face Shape

For an oblong face shape, a short bob wig with volume and width at the sides can help create the illusion of a wider face, balancing out the length and achieving a harmonious appearance. Here are a few emoji-represented suggestions for short bob wigs that could complement an oblong face shape:

Chin-Length Blunt Bob: A classic chin-length bob that ends right at the jawline can add width to the lower part of the face, helping to balance out the length to get a more balanced face shape.

Textured Asymmetrical Bob: A bob with asymmetrical layers and a side-swept fringe can add volume and create width at the sides of the face, softening the length.

Short Kinky Curly Wigs

Angled Bob: An angled bob that is shorter at the back and longer at the front can add dimension and structure to an oblong face shape, creating the appearance of a wider face.

Consider Your Daily Routine, Personal Style, and Comfort When Selecting the Perfect Short Bob Wig.

When it comes to selecting the perfect short bob lace front wig, it's important to keep your daily activities, personal style, and comfort in mind. Here are a few additional considerations:

1. Length: Short bob lace front wigs generally fall around chin length, but you can customize the length based on your preference. Consider whether you want a slightly longer bob or if you prefer a shorter, more classic look.

2. Color: Choose a wig color that complements your skin tone and matches your natural hair colors or desired hair color. You can opt for a basic shade like black or brown, or experiment with vibrant hues like red or blonde for a bold look.

3. Texture: Wig types can vary from straight and sleek to curly or wavy bob. Select a hair type that aligns with your personal style and mimics the look you wish to achieve. Don't be afraid to try something new and different!

4. Quality: Ensure that the wig is made from high-quality human hair or synthetic, depending on your budget and preference. A well-made wig will be more comfortable to wear and offer a more natural appearance.

5. Cap construction: Consider the cap construction of the wig for optimal comfort. Look for features like an adjustable strap, lace front, or breathable material to ensure a secure and comfortable fit throughout the day.

Remember, everyone's preferences and needs are unique, so choose a short bob wig that reflects your personality and makes you feel confident and fabulous! 

Special Tips for Maintaining and Caring for Your Short Bob Wig

Here are some special styling tips for maintaining and caring for your short bob wig:

1. Gentle Handling: Treat your lace wig with care and handle it gently to avoid excessive pulling or stretching. This will help maintain the shape and style of your short bob wig.

2. Brushing: Use a wide-tooth comb or a wig brush specifically designed for synthetic hair wigs to detangle your wig. Start from the ends and work your way up to avoid damaging the fibers. Be gentle and avoid using excessive force.

3. Washing: Follow the manufacturer's instructions for washing your short bob wig. Generally, you should use a wig shampoo specifically formulated for human hair wigs. Gently wash the wig in cool water, avoiding any harsh rubbing or twisting. Rinse thoroughly and let it air dry on a wig stand or a towel.

4. Avoid Heat: Synthetic wigs are not heat-resistant, so avoid using hot styling tools such as curling irons, straighteners, or blow dryers. Excessive heat can cause the synthetic hair to melt or become damaged. Instead, use alternative styling methods like cold rollers or wig-friendly styling products.

5. Storage: When you're not wearing your short bob wig, store it properly to maintain its shape and quality. Place it on a wig stand or use a wig hanger to prevent tangling and maintain the style. Keep it away from direct sunlight, heat sources, and humidity, which can damage the fibers.

6. Avoid Friction: Minimize friction between your wig and clothing or accessories, as it can cause tangles and knots. Be mindful of wearing scarves, collars, or jewelry that may rub against the wig and create friction.

7. Regular Maintenance: Depending on how often you wear your wig, it's important to perform regular maintenance. This includes gently brushing and detangling the wig, checking for any loose or frayed strands, and ensuring the wig cap is clean and free from oils or residues.

Remember, proper care and maintenance are essential for prolonging the lifespan of your short bob wig, and keeping it looking fabulous!


Finding the perfect short bob wig for your face shape can make a world of difference in your natural beauty overall. While these face shape guides can be helpful, remember that personal style and comfort are also essential factors. Ultimately, the perfect short bob wig is the one that makes you feel confident and beautiful. So, whether you have a round, oval, square, heart, diamond, or oblong face, embrace the elegance and simplicity of a short bob wig that complements your unique delicate features. Your perfect fit awaits, and it's time to discover the beauty of this timeless hairstyle.

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