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How To Sleep With Long Hair Freely At Night? ( To Prevent Hair Loss )

How to Sleep with Long Hair Freely at Night? ( To Prevent Hair Loss )

Have you ever slept well and woken up with a matted hair the next morning? It can be frustrating when you want to sleep but your hair keeps tangling up!

Fortunately, learning how to sleep with long hair freely and relaxed isn't too hard now. Here are some of our top tips and tricks for keeping your natural hair healthy and out of tangled when you're sleeping.

Whether you have long or short hair type, straight hair or curly hair, or even hair extension, a good night's sleep isn't difficult to achieve if you just take a couple of extra steps.

Why Is It So Important To Protect Your Long Hair While Sleeping?

You don't need to worry too much about protecting your hair from damage when you're sleeping because there isn't much you can do to prevent it.

Normally, When you sleep, you don't just need to make sure you aren't damaging your hair or developing splits; you also need to make sure you're sleeping well enough so that you won't damage your hair or develop splits.

When you get up in the morning, it's crazy if your hair looks messy, tangled, knotted, and unruly. You might end up having to spend some time trying to style them, which can be annoying. They often appear frizzy, thinning, and unhealthy.

How To Sleep Comfortably With Long Hair At Night?

Sleeping with long natural hair styles doesn't need to end with you awakening to a tangled mess!

If you want to know how to keep your hair health, preserve your braids to get wavy hair, or just sleep comfortably with lots of hair on your head without hair loss, then take the time to read on.

In this article, we will share some tips suggested by hair experts to help you maintain hair health, tangled-free, and prevent hair broken when you sleep at night.

#1: Never Attempt to Sleep With Damp or Wet Hair

How To Sleep With Long Hair Freely At Night? ( To Prevent Hair Loss )

When hair is wet or damp, it is the most fragile. Keratin bonds are weakened when it's wet, so they're not strong enough to hold up against gravity. When you brush, shower, or wash your hair, the hair stretches out and deforms the hair follicles rather than returning to its original shape. Stretching and friction damage the follicles, causing them to become rough, broken, and hair breakage( hair damage ).

When drying your wet hair, use a soft microfiber towel to remove any excess water from the hair. If you're using a hair dryer ( blow dryer )to dry hair, you might not be tempted to use the highest heat setting. If you're going to brush your wet (or damp) locks, don't brush them with a comb; instead just finger-combing them out will be better for your ends.

#2: Combing Hair Before Sleeping

Add another type of brushing to your nighttime routine. If you brush out tangled hair or knots before going to sleep in your bedtime routine, you're being proactive against frizzy hair and matted locks. You don't need to do it for a long period of time. If your hairstyle requires brushing out, then use either a paddle brush or a wide toothed comb to brush out your locks and tie them in a loose braid before going to bed.

#3: Apply Overnight Hair Masks And Hair Serums 

If you plan to use any products on your hair overnight, Make sure they are designed for overnight use.

You can use a hair mask or serum on the hair shaft to prevent your hair from becoming frizzy at night. Look for a product like a jojoba oil without any acids or heavy protein ingredients. You shouldn't use any apple cider vinegar, citrate acid, eggs, or similar ingredients in your masks or serums. Because they will cause your hair to become heavy and fragile.

If you use overnight hair products, put a silk hat on top of them to seal the hair oil. It protects both your hair and your pillows from staining. Use a soft, creaseless knot to secure your hair into a top bun. It will also keep it from slipping out of the silk cap at night, which defeats the purpose!

#4:  Sleep On A Satin Or Silk Pillowcase

How To Sleep With Long Hair Freely At Night? ( To Prevent Hair Loss )

Your hair is constantly rubbing against the threads in your pillows when you sleep. It can cause your hair strands to become stressed and frizzy. It can even lead to brittle hair and damaged hair.

If you use a pillowcase made from silk or satin, it might help prevent tangles in your bedding. Satin and silk include Hypoallergenics and cool fabrics, But cotton isn't one of them.

Satin pillows are softer than cotton. They prevent tangles and frizzed hair by reducing friction between your long hair strands and the pillow. Sleeping on a silk pillow cover is known to keep your curly hair softer and easier to manage.

#5:  Cover Your Hair With A Sleep Cap Or Scarf

If you want to keep your defined curls during your sleeping hours, you need to wear a hair cap( satin bonnet ) or wrap your hair with a silk scarf or satin scarf before going to bed.

It helps prevent any kind of frictional force between your hair and pillowcase, which gives your hair a smoother texture in the morning.

You'd better not use dry shampoos when going to sleep, because they contain lots of harmful ingredients which may be absorbed by the scalp and hair roots while asleep. You should only use dry shampoo for your hair at moderate levels if you don't have enough time for full hair washing. However, don't forget that it can't replace your usual shampoo which brings healthy hair growth.

#6: Wear Your Hair Up

How To Sleep With Long Hair Freely At Night? ( To Prevent Hair Loss )

If you don't know how to sleep with long hair freely and comfortably, you can always tie your hair up with a fabric scrunchie or rubber band .

The superiority of having long hair includes the fact that you can wear it any way you want in the morning. You can even use it to create different styles each day. Knowing how to Wear your hair up when going to sleep will help keep it from breaking.

If your hair is straight but is damaged, tie it up into a loose ponytail with a thick, soft scrunchie than an elastic band at both ends to protect it from further damage.

If you put your hair into a sock bun, you'll get a natural curl overnight. Just brush it out gently with ur fingertips in the mornings.

If you're not comfortable sleeping with a bun, then you can braid your own hair loosely ( Not Tight Hairstyles ) to keep your hair from splitting. Don't braid your hair when it's wet.

Ladies, you'd better not style your hair in French braids. Because french braid often tends to obstruct and are frequently roughed up in the early morning than they were when you went to sleep!

#7: Stay In A Cool Environment with A Fan Or Humidifier

How To Sleep With Long Hair Freely At Night? ( To Prevent Hair Loss )

Sleeping in hot conditions isn't ideal, because it's not a good health condition for your hair. Sleeping in cooler temperatures isn't just good for your sleep; it also helps prevent excessive sweating that can cause your hair to get tangled.

You can keep the airflow going in your bedroom by using a fan so that you won't sweat the night and wake up with damp hair.

If you're having trouble sleeping at night because your room is too cold, you might want to think about adding a humidifying device to your bedroom or turning the temperature up one degree. And besides, nothing beats using a silk hair tie when keeping your hair out of your face at night.


Most of these tips are easy to implement in your daily routine but can have a big impact on hair health. There should be at least one strategy that works for you! After figuring out how to sleep with longer hair, you might be surprised by how different it feels to your hair.

It's important to take good care of your hair from the beginning, so you'll have beautiful hair for a long time to come. These tips should help you keep your hair as healthy as possible.Refer to This Web Page

Happy quality sleeping with long hair freely and fight for beauty sleep!

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